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Lawn Mowing Hawesville KY

Lawn Mowing Hawesville KY

Lawn Mowing both residential and commercial (In every mow we do it includes edging, trimming, and blowing). Lawn Mowing Hawesville KY seems simple enough, but each time you cut your grass you’re paving the way for your lawn’s success or failure. Mow correctly, and you’ll groom turf that’s healthy, drought-tolerant and thick enough to crowd out weeds. Mow incorrectly, and your lawn will struggle to survive.

Mowing is the periodic cutting of a turf grass lawn to a specified height. The ability to tolerate mowing is one of the criteria that separate turf grass from the rest of the grass species.

Mowing is always a stress on the grass plants. Just because they can tolerate mowing does not mean they like it. Reduce that stress by adopting these practices. Mow early in the morning or, even better, in the evening.

Mowing Tips

  • Mowing should be done at a minimum of every 10 days. This helps keep your yard green by not cutting more than the recommended 1/3 of the grass off.
  • If you’ve just returned from a long vacation and the lawn is higher than usual, reset your mowing height so you do not cut more than 1/3 of the grass blades.
  • After this “high” mowing, come back a few days later and cut again to get it down to its normal cutting height.

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